Eric’s Tattoo Portfolio

Eric joined the Skin Graffiti Tattoo team in 2009. His skill is evident in every piece he completes. He never stops pushing boundaries and growing more and more as an artist.

About Me

This is home for me, and this is my passion.
I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland. I have always been into art from a young age and started my tattoo career locally in 1998. Since then I have worked in California, Maryland, Delaware and Philadelphia.
I’ve been at Skin Graffiti Tattoo since 2009 and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I feel like I’m at home here. I love doing custom and freehand work, color or black and gray. I like to push my artistic ability to new levels, while giving my clients personal, one-on-one attention. My goal is to deliver the best tattoos and the best experience possible.

Eric’s Tattoos

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