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Elvies Presley - Tattoo in Lewes, DE
Owl Tattoo - Tattoo in Lewes, DE
Rose tattoo - Tattoo in Lewes, DE
At Skin Graffiti Tattoo in Lewes, Delaware, our artists work hard to bring you outstanding tattoos and piercings. Whether you're looking for a small kanji or a complete custom back piece, Skin Graffiti Tattoo is here to give you everything you want in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
Owner Danny Beigler was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Sussex County. With hopes of being a tattoo artist from his early teens, he finally got the chance to work with a close friend for three and a half years. Mostly a self-taught professional, he has learned a lot from other artists he has had the pleasure of working with.


Express your unique personality and sense of style through custom tattoos from Skin Graffiti Tattoo. Cover-up tattoos and corrections are also available for any reason and without judgement.


Trust the experienced body modification specialists from Skin Graffiti Tattoo for your body piercing needs. From naval piercings to tongue piercings, we do them all.
Let our artists cater to your body! Call Skin Graffiti Tattoo today at 302-947-4766 to make your appointment.